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George Kini

It is a watch manufacturer that adheres to the "fashion classic". Particular attention is paid to design and of course, each new model preserves the brand’s DNA.

New models are being developed daily to continue to delight their customers with exclusivity. Each watch is equipped with an additional strap, and you can change your style every day.

The slogan of the “create and invent” company clearly reflects the position of the George Kini brand. In other words - “create and enjoy”.

George Kini watches pass the test for accuracy and wear on specialized equipment for a long time, which ensures and confirms their quality. During production, only the most reliable Japanese mechanisms are used - ISA, SEIKO, MYOTA. Segmentation of male and female models 50% to 50% of total production. It is important to note that for covers, bracelets and straps only hypoallergenic material is used - stainless steel and genuine leather.

The combination of ergonomic case, watch caliber, colors, design and a very wide range of models, both female and male, distinguish this brand from others.

George Kini is unique brand, and each of its details is unrepeatable and there are no analogues.